Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half-pint's Imagination...

As Half-pint crawled into bed tonight we was talking about different instruments. I was only half listening until he said something about me having a saxophone. I didn't even know he knew what a saxophone is!
"A saxophone?"
"Yeah Mom, like this..." and he played the air-sax.
"Where did you learn about saxophones?"
"I can't know. When I was a little boy, in Ak-carka (Africa). My Grandmother teach me about sacrahones (saxophones), and dums (drums), and dutes (flutes), and istruments like this... (and he played the air-violin)."
"A violin? In Africa? When you were a little boy? Grandma taught you?"
"Yep, in Ak-carka Grandmother, he (Half-pint still has trouble remembering gender specific pronouns) teach it to me."
Matter of fact, just like that.
I love his imagination!

At dinner tonight, I was telling Daddy a little bit about my day. I had a little trouble getting into a gated community. Half-pint was listening enough to pipe into our conversation...
"Mom, when you have a po-wabem (problem) you have to use your imagination to figure it out."
What a clever boy!

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cami said...

Are you sure he was not talking in his sleep?