Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boys Will Be BOYS...

Tonight for story time during our bed-time routine, Half-pint chose "The Potty Book". Fine, I thought, he's been doing a good job keeping his pants clean and dry, so a little more encouragement which hasn't originated from me is great! We read through it once (and thankfully) the button which makes a flushing sound is broken; so it wasn't too obnoxious. Then Half-pint wanted to read it to me. He's been interested in reading books to me for a few weeks. We read together with both of us pointing at the words and he repeats after me. I think it's great that he's beginning to show an interest in reading, especially because he doesn't have full letter recognition mastered yet. On the second page Half-pint accidentally said "toot" instead of "to". The pun was not lost on such a little soul. He instantly started giggling as only a child can. His laugh is truly contagious (at least for me). Unfortunately my giggling only encouraged him; by the last few pages, he was injecting either "toot" or "gas" about every third word and laughing hysterically every time. What a kid!

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