Monday, November 17, 2008

Quarter-pint Well Check...

Quarter-pint had his 15 month well check last week. It was the first time I took Quarter-pint to to doctor's office without Half-pint (he was at preschool!). Half-pint was pretty nervous in behalf of his brother when I told him where I was going that morning, "the doctor's opish? Oh, no! He get shots??? I hate shots!" It's amazing how they remember that!

Quarter-pint was happy to watch the fish in the big fish tank in the waiting room and to roam around the exam room in nothing but his diaper and socks/shoes. He brought me his shoes while we were waiting for the doctor. It's funny the things that kids like; Half-pint has ALWAYS been a sock kid. He LOVES to wear socks. Quarter-pint tolerates socks, but LOVES shoes. He ALWAYS wants to wear his shoes-I think he has 5 pairs that fit right now! Whenever we look at shoes while we're out shopping, he consistently sticks his little feet in the air-waiting for me to try a pair on his little piggies. Back to the appointment...he's officially hit that stage where he doesn't like the doctor poking him, or being anywhere near his little body (think he remembers the double ear infection doctor visit ten days earlier?). He squawked his loud disapproval whenever our favorite pediatrician came within arm's reach. Overall Quarter-pint checked out; clean bill of health (minus a little fluid lingering from the ear infection). He is officially a little squirt (Quarter-pint is still very accurate); he weighed in at just under 23 pounds-that's the 25%ile. He's only 31 inches tall-that's the 15%ile. Don't worry-he still has a large noggin! His head came in at the 90%ile. He did get four shots-I was glad Half-pint wasn't there for that. True to form, Quarter-pint quickly camled down as he shoved his fat little fist into the hair on the back of my neck (not only does he have a thing for shoes, he also has a thing for hair-especially my hair). He is a happy kid, especially when he's relentlessly teasing his big brother. We are so lucky to have him!

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