Friday, November 14, 2008


Half-pint began preschool in October. We got a late start in part because of his tonsillectomy. He goes twice a week for about four hours a day. He LOVES it! It's been fun for me to help him figure out "show and share" items for everyday he's at school. Each show and share item ideally should begin with the letter of the week, or the topic of the week (ie: shapes, etc). This next week is the letter I. Tricky! I haven't come up with anything yet. Half-pint has done a good job so far, especially because he's not very familiar with the letters of the alphabet. He recognizes them as letters, but doesn't know the name of most of them. For 'G' he wanted to bring a pair of gloves, and a golf ball. 'H' was a hat and hockey puck. (I'm noticing a trend...) 'I' is going to be a little more difficult. He was really excited to get a new backpack and he loves to bring it to school. He has two of his own hooks, one for a jacket and the other for his backpack. He always proudly shows me the artwork drying on his personal drying rack, and empties his own cubby at the end of each day. I also get a daily report on lunch.

Tonight as I was chatting with Half-pint after he was tucked into bed, he said "What I do on Tuesday? It Tuesday?" He knows Tuesday is a preschool day. I explained to him that Tuesday is still 3 days away. "Oh," he said with a little disappointment in his voice, "That a lot of days!" His teacher said he jumped right in and immediately fit in with all the other kids (it's a small class-8 kids total) and had no problem adjusting. That's no small feat, especially because he began about 2 months later than the rest of the class. We're still struggling with the potty-training issue, but he wears "big boy underpants" to school and keeps them dry! Now we just need to translate that to home life!

Quarter-pint misses his big brother when Half-pint is at school. Quarter-pint is generally more clingy on school days. I've been trying to run errands (it's so much easier with just one!!!) and that seems to help Quarter-pint. He's always pretty excited to pick up his brother! It's really cute to see just how much they love each other and enjoy one anothers company!

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