Thursday, October 23, 2008

Potty Training Progress?...

A few days ago, we were getting ready to head out the door to Half-pint's swim lessons. I asked him if he would use the potty before I changed him into his swim diaper and swim trunks (we usually just change in the locker room, but we were running a few minutes late). I told him he needed to keep him pants dry until after swim lessons. Instead of running to the bathroom (like I hoped he would do) he ran into the office, scooped up some paper and a pen and soon emerged with this wonderful drawing. I asked him what it was...
"It's me Momma!" he proudly told me. Good, now I know what it is...
"Are you wearing a hat?"
"No that's my hair."
"Are those your shoes?"
"Nope, that's my feet. Look, I have eyes!"
"Do you have any arms?"
"Oh, no, I forgot..." he disappeared and quickly came back with arms on his self-portrait.
"Look Mom, I have socks on my arms..."
"What's that colored spot on your belly?"
"That's pee, in my underpants (aka pull-ups)"
I never did get him to go potty before we went to swim lessons...

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San Diego Spendloves said...

Oh Celeste, this is priceless. What a cute picture. I can't believe that at that age he is able to draw shapes that well. I love the various parts too...way cute.