Friday, October 24, 2008

Autumn Adventures...

We officially partook of some autumn adventures today! We met my Mom, and a few of my sisters (and one brother-in-law, and one neice) at a pumpkin farm. There were also corn mazes (three to be exact), farm animals to visit with (but "please keep your hands away from the fence, the animals are friendly but like to nibble"), and a huge inflatable slide for the kids. We had a great time!!! Half-pint is interested in mazes so I knew he would have fun in a people-sized maze. They had a map (another of Half-pint's passions) with six "punch stations" in each maze and a card to record all the punches on. Half-pint really enjoyed finding each "punch station". Between the three mazes, the farm proclaims 5 miles of maze trails. I'm sure we didn't walk all of the five miles, but we spent a good couple of hours roaming between the corn stalks.

We also picked several pumpkins from the fields. It was fun to explore between all the gourds and spy funny looking pumpkins. We found some rotten and rotting...all Half-pint could do was stare, point his little finger and say
"EEEEwwww! Dross! Dross! That's yucky, eeewwww!"

Here are a few more pictures from our adventure today!

Quarter-pint enjoying the pumpkins (I couldn't get him to look at me!)

Quarter-pint and Aunt C!


Travis said...

How funny! We were there yesterday too! I couldn't get Maryn to look at me either. She was too interested in the dirt! Looks like you had a great time!

Kathy said...

A couple of cute little pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!