Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adventures with Grandma...

This past week, Daddy and I took a spur-of-the-moment trip south of the border. He had a business meeting and I decided to tag along. My Mom was more than generous when she agreed to take the boys for a couple of days. When I met up with Grandma, Half-pint and Quarter-pint after we returned home, it was obvious that both boys were happy to see me. I know that they had a lot of fun at Grandma's house though (who wouldn't, with 3 aunts, 1 uncle, Grandma and Grandpa there???). Quarter-pint babbled all the way home in the car-he must have been telling me all about his adventures.

As I was tucking Half-pint into bed that night, he looked at me very seriously and said
"Momma, I not miss you at all."
My heart nearly broke, but then I remembered all the people at Grandma's house, and the HUGE hug he gave me earlier that morning. Honestly, I'm glad he feels comfortable enough to not miss me for a few days, but I think he really did miss least a little.

I got the report from Grandma when I met her to get the boys. It sounded like everything went fine. Grandma called me later that evening to update the report. Quarter-pint was quite busy while at Grandma's house. The remote control for the TV had gone missing while he was playing with it. Grandma had the insight to check the kitchen trash. Not only did she find the TV remote, but also an unopened single-size bottle of juice and one of Half-pint's matchbox cars. Now I'm wondering what Quarter-pint has thrown out at my house!


Cassy and Taylor said...

I am glad things went so well! I know Mom loved spending time with the boys! Hope your trip went well!

Ciera said...

It was great to see you and fun to see Bryson and Brandon playing so great together. That was so cute when Brandon called Bryson his best friend.