Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday...

Today is Quarter-pint's FIRST Birthday! We celebrated yesterday with all the family in town. As I was trying to get ready for the party, Quarter-pint was into everything: the dvds, the lazy-susan with all the tupperware, even the toaster-upside down spilling crumbs on the clean floor! I was really happy to have Daddy come home from his meeting long before the party was to begin! Quarter-pint was happy as usual to hang out and play with all his cousins, and most of his aunts and uncles. He just bounced around between everyone. When it came to cake time he wouldn't let go of the lighter and then he tried to grab the flame on his lone candle-knocking the candle over.

He was fairly dainty and neat with his chocolate cake. I was a little disappointed, and when I tried again tonight, he only did a little better. Oh well! He gets pretty messy at time eating regular foods, so I kind of expected a more messy first birthday.

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Jenifuz said...

Happy Birthday little one!!!