Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I never get tired of watching the tender moments between my boys. I am continually amazed at their relationship. They love to be together. Quarter-pint is a beggar, especially when he sees anyone else eating or drinking. I think it's probably because he isn't big enough to get anything himself. This morning, Half-pint was eating some pudding: "banilla, it's my favorite!" he always tells me. Quarter-pint realized that his brother was eating and quickly made his way to Half-pint's chair and started to beg: "Ah, Ah, Ah."

"Mom, Baby trying to get me!"

I expected more protest from Half-pint, but I quickly realized that Half-pint had decided to share. I was touched by the simple act of sharing. Half-pint was feeding Quarter-pint his pudding! Half-pint took a bite and then gave a bite to Quarter-pint. Even when Quarter-pint got distracted when I showed up with the camera, Half-pint called him back with "Baby, want more?" When the pudding cup was gone, Half-pint gently told his brother it was gone and then turned to me and said:
"Momma, I share with my Baby Bruder!"

I'm sure some of Half-pint's actions were driven by the desire to "be bigger" and to feed his brother like Momma and Daddy do, but he kept feeding until his pudding cup was empty and he loved every minute of it!


Cassy and Taylor said...

The boys are so cute! I can't wait to come see them!

Casey and Brynn said...

Isn't that the greatest? I love seeing that between my boys too!