Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last week I broke down and bought a gate to block off the stairs. We never used a gate when Half-pint was learning to crawl, walk and master stairs. So I figured we didn't need one for Quarter-pint. What I didn't count on was Quarter-pint chasing his big brother up the stairs (and Half-pint intentionally heading up the stairs because he knows Quarter-pint is slower climbing stairs than simply crawling after him). I got tired of being surprised by finding Quarter-pint in the middle of our stairs. So I actually bought a gate-the kind that has a door in it so that the "big people" can still get through with little trouble. Half-pint was excited about helping me. We assembled the gate together and then he also helped me install it. I debated about teaching Half-pint how to open the door in the gate, but it was only a brief debate because he quickly improvised and climbed through the architectural cut-out between the front door and the dining room. That sealed it-I HAD to show Half-pint! We talked about making sure the gate door was always closed so Quarter-pint would be safe and not climb the stairs. This week we've had a few "emergencies". Half-pint comes running and says "Momma! It's an umergency! Come!" I then find Quarter-pint at least half way up the stairs!

"How did he get through the gate???"

"I opened it for him."

"He's not supposed to go through the gate because I don't want him climbing the stairs!"

"But Mom, he a dood climber!"

Yesterday we had an "umergency" again. This time Quarter-pint was almost all the way up the stairs. When I told Half-pint I didn't want him to open the gate for his brother, he protested and said "But Momma, he want to climb stairs."

"No! We have the gate to keep him OFF the stairs!"

"Maybe we just take the date down!"
"NO! I'm NOT going to take the gate down."

Aaugh! He's clever, I'll give him that much!

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Jenifuz said...

My goodness, you have your hands full!! I'm trying to not have to get a gate that's permanent but it's getting harder. maryn fell down a few stairs the other day because Ethan wasn't watching her as close as he should have been while I was making dinner!