Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Escape...

Half-pint is in rare form lately. This morning while I was getting ready for the day, I heard Quarter-pint babbling in his crib. Half-pint heard him also and said "Baby awake!" as he ran into Quarter-pint's room. I knew that Half-pint was probably going to climb into Quarter-pint's crib with him. Before too long, I heard Quarter-pint crying--really crying, not just fussing about still being in his crib. Half-pint came running into my room quickly. When I asked Half-pint why Quarter-pint was crying, he said
"I do this..." then he opened his mouth really wide and chomped down with a growling sound.
"You bit your brother???"
"Why did you bite him???"
"Because I hungry."
Since when do we bite people when we are hungry??? By the time I got to Quarter-pint's room, Half-pint was already back in the crib. When he touched Quarter-pint's arm, he cried again. Poor kid-he was trapped in his crib with no escape with his seemingly cannibalistic bigger brother! I looked at Quarter-pint's arm and there were marks-not teeth marks, but it was obvious where a three-year old mouth had chomped on his little arm.

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Kathy said...

Ahh! Poor Quarter-pint! It is amazing to me how completely honest little people are. You would think half-pint would not admit to the crime but he did! They sure are sweet little boys!