Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This morning Half-pint found me in the office working on the computer. He seemed a little upset and when I asked him what was wrong, he said

"I can't bind the tereal I bike!"

"Is it on the counter because the box is too big for the cupboard?"

So I followed him into the kitchen to see if I could find the cereal he likes. After some less than helpful questions, we had this discussion:

"What does the cereal box look like?"

"It white. It has tereal on it!"

"The box is white, with cereal on it?" (Oh great, that narrows it down!) "What does the cereal look like?"

"It has dugar on it, and you eat it!"

"The cereal has sugar on it and you eat it?" (That was as helpful as my last question!)


"Shall we go downstairs together and see if we can find the cereal you like?"

"Yep! Let's go together!"

So we went to the basement and I couldn't find any white cereal boxes. I did find a light-colored box of frosted shredded-wheat and asked Half-pint if that's the kind he liked. He responded with a very enthusiastic "Yeah! Dood-job Mom!" Then I got a thumbs-up! Whew, I'm so glad we had the "bind the tereal he bikes"!!!

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cara said...

I love that kind of cereal too!