Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seek and Destroy...

Now that Quarter-pint has figured out that he is mobile we are in BIG trouble! He has officially entered the "Seek and Destroy" stage. I had honestly forgotten just how exhausting and messy they can be when they get moving! I think I blocked it from my memory. We have moved some of the things that Quarter-pint gets into the most, but he still finds plenty of messes to make. It doesn't really matter where I leave him-just give him a few minutes and he will have a shelf or cupboard completely cleaned out! If he's in the office it's the bookshelves-EVERYTHING from three-feet off the ground and below! If he's in the family room- it's the DVD shelves. If he's in the kitchen-it's the pantry (generally the bread and cereal shelves)! I'm intentionally trying to "hide" the lazy-susan from him-that's where I keep all the tupper-ware type stuff. I have pulled out a set of bowls, set of measuring cups and a set of measuring spoons just for him to play with when he's roaming the kitchen.

Half-pint isn't really helping the situation either. A few days ago I found both boys under the sofa table near our front door. I caught Half-pint showing Quarter-pint how to change the timer for the lamp! I think we're going to have our hands full! Now, I'm just waiting for Quarter-pint to figure out how to open the kitchen drawer with all the sippy-cup lids, sippy-cup filters, baby spoons, and small bowls!

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Jenifuz said...

Isn't it soo much fun!!! Maryn's at the same stage! She hasn't quite figured out stairs yet but she was pretty close this morning! Now we're going to have to get our gate set up!!!