Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quarter-pint Milestones!

Quarter-pint has been awfully busy the past little while...he has cut his first THREE teeth in less than three weeks! He only waited nine months to begin, but now he is making up for lost time. He has also figured out how to crawl in the past few days. Well, I wouldn't actually call it crawling, it's more like propelling himself forward on his belly. He pushes off with his toes, and catches himself with his arms--he doesn't really have the arm, knee movement synchronized yet. On Sunday we used strawberry shortcake to entice him to move forward and last night a game of dominoes did the trick. Today when I left him playing with toys on the floor and came back into the room a few minutes later and actually had to look for him, I knew he has officially moved into the realm of mobility!


Casey and Brynn said...

Yeah! A new blogging friend. Your blog is so cute and very creative. Cute kids!

Jenifuz said...

Hey! Congrats Quarter-pint!! Maryn hasn't gotten the crawling down yet. She does have 2 teeth though!! Good luck finding him now!