Saturday, April 26, 2014

Half-pint Makes His Debut in the Art Show...

Half-pint's illustration was chosen favorite by his principle to be part of the school district wide art show that was showcased and open to the public at the local outlet mall a few weeks ago. We were so proud of his work! There was a reception one evening during the show's run and we were able to see his art on public display! For now, it hangs in the library at his school, and eventually it will be returned to Half-pint. Way to go Kiddo!!!

below text taken from Half-pint's school art show web-page.  thanks art teacher!!!

" “...The Three Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens…”  Do you remember this fun nursery rhyme? Third grader (Half-pint) used this as inspiration to create his very own illustration. This illustration really captures the essence of that story and communicates it’s message extremely well. Not to mention that it is an adorable illustration. "

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