Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The First Day of School...

The boys (yes, plural) started school mid-August.  Half-pint began 2nd grade, and Quarter-pint is a kindie!  

(No Quarter-pint-that's the wrong way!)
The school requested the parents escort new kindergartners into the classroom on the first day of school.  I knew parking would be a nightmare, so I offered to walk the boys all the way...they were ecstatic, so the 3 of us all loaded the "two seater" stroller with kids and backpacks and off we went!  It's over a mile to school, so we allowed extra time and I was glad (and prepared) to have the big stroller-Quarter-pint requested to ride a couple of times.  

When we got to school, seasoned Half-pint marched into the building through the designated 2nd Grade door and he was off...I made him come back to give me a hug before I left him disappear into the bowels of the building.  Then, Quarter-pint, Peewee-pint and I headed in through the front doors and into the mayhem of the first day of kindergarten.  

Quarter-pint was a little nervous and apprehensive, but he did great!  The teacher had the kiddos find their hook / cubby and hang up backpacks then find their name on one of the tables...meet new friends, don name tags and then all head to the alphabet rug for a story.  When the story was finished, the parents were kindly told to leave and the kids officially began school.  

I got a little weepy thinking about Quarter-pint being at school and not home with me (but who am I kidding---he was gone more last year between his 2 different preschools than he will be this year), but held it together in front of him.  By the time I got outside, I was totally distracted with Peewee-pint's refusal to get back into the stroller and then by visiting with friends and neighbors to actually cry.  We finished our walk for exercise on the way home and turned around about 2 hours later to pick Quarter-pint up.  

Quarter-pint was really excited to start riding the bus on the second day of school.  Riding the bus alone was harder for me when Half-pint began school; but this time around, I didn't think twice about Quarter-pint's first bus ride.   I knew he had his older brother to look out for him.  Half-pint has already missed a few days because of a concussion, and Quarter-pint has been anxious to make it to the bus stop on time...he's fine on the bus by himself.  What a big kid!

With a few weeks under their belts, both boys are comfortable and happy at school.  They are enjoying all the "specials" (ie p.e., technology, music and art) along with recess, book buddies and library day.  Half-pint is loving math and Quarter-pint has been focused on colors.  Book orders and school fundraisers have already begun.  Everyone is settled back into the routine...now we just need to weather to cool down a little bit so it begins to feel like fall.

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