Sunday, September 18, 2011


We had quite the weekend! It did NOT go as we expected. We headed up to the mountains Friday afternoon and met Daddy there (he went up early to finish up some work). Everything seemed fine until Half-pint woke us up around 1 in the morning saying he didn't feel good. Everything went down hill from there---quickly. Daddy and I were up a good part of the night comforting Half-pint as he threw up and working Peewee-pint back to sleep (he was pretty restless and probably not feeling well). I had a few tender moments with Half-pint in the middle of the night teaching him (and him teaching me) about the Atonement and how Jesus knows what it's like to feel so yucky. We witnessed miracles with a tender prayer for comfort and then instant sleep and the relief that only came through sleeping.

It was obvious Saturday morning that I was going to be out of commission with the same sort of stomach bug that Half-pint exhibited in the middle of the night. Daddy was meeting a friend on the ski slopes for the last day of mountain biking of the season-and I told him to go and have fun. The boys ate crackers and popcorn and watched movies while I languished on the couch, or floor-wherever I happened to be when the waves of nausea hit. When Daddy got home early afternoon his day hadn't been much better. They were rained on all day (with snow at the top of the mountain) and he was quickly succumbing to the stomach flu as well. For the rest of the long, agonizing day Daddy and I took turns sleeping (the only thing that helped us feel better) and trying to do our parental duty to keep our children safe, fed and happy.

The boys were actually great, considering they were left basically on their own, with little food (lots of crackers, popcorn and cereal, some yogurt and cheese-and cookies). They enjoyed watching all the movies and TV they could stand, and played very nicely together-with very minimal fighting. They knew we didn't feel well and they both rose to the occasion. I was so proud of them! Peewee-pint was a little more high maintenance that Daddy and I had the energy for, but by the evening I was feeling a little better and explained to him that we did not feel good and we would appreciate him not screaming anymore. To my surprise he complied and the screaming stopped.

After the big boys were in bed, Peewee-pint threw up all over his lap. That meant an immediate bath for him and then we put him to bed. That maybe explains some of the screaming! Quarter-pint was the only one untouched by this weekend's nastiness (although he had it a little over a week ago) and he was bouncing off the walls by the time we all felt good enough to drive the 2 hours home yesterday.

I'm happy to report that we are all feeling much better now; not quite 100%, but so much better than Saturday! What a weekend!

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