Friday, August 26, 2011

Quarter-pint Has a Birthday...

I am honestly shocked at how quickly the past year has gone. Granted, it's been chalk full of sick kids, sleepless nights, Daddy working long hours (and traveling more than usual), kids having surgery, and a new baby; but all that aside, it's just flown by! The most shocking part is that my Quarter-pint is 4!!! He's so grown up and still so silly all at the same time. He's really become a great kid (especially when he's not writhing on the ground because I refuse to help him do something I know he can do himself--but I think we're all entitled to a tantrum every once in awhile).

Quarter-pint adores his brothers, and is an awesome big brother. He loves to make Peewee-pint laugh, and to spend his time with Half-pint. He is a happy and helpful kid. He is fun and sweet, and mischievous and crazy. He is wild, and noisy, patient and considerate. Quarter-pint loves to play and tease. He most definitely has a mind of his own and isn't afraid to do his own thing. He has tons of qualities that I know will serve him well as he grows; but the challenge for now is to teach him how to channel and use those qualities. He is precious and adorable. His speech has improved tremendously this past year (thanks in part to the loss of his tonsils/adenoids)...he is turning into such a little smarty pants. He doesn't miss a beat-ever, He's active; but can also keep himself quietly busy with toys or puzzles. He is everything you would expect from a little boy. Boy oh boy-he's ALL boy!

(We celebrated nearly all month-and he loved every minute of it!)


Kathy said...

He is such a great kid! I loved the pictures.

Cassy and Taylor said...

Loved all the pictures! We sure do love this little man! I can't believe he is 4!