Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quarter-pint Goes to School...Again...

This year Quarter-pint is attending 2 preschools. His speech therapy is being administered in a preschool setting instead of the small group format he did before. He is also attending the same preschool he went to last year, the same one Half-pint attended. His speech therapy preschool is twice a week in the afternoons, and his "regular" preschool is three times a week in the mornings-with one overlap day. The speech therapy school began the first week of August (on the same schedule as Half-pint), and the other didn't begin until this week. He was pretty excited to head off to school yesterday...to wear his backpack again and to get back into the school routine. I have to admit...I'm excited too!

I forgot to get any pictures of the first day of the speech school, but I
did remember the camera as we went out the door yesterday. Peewee-pint clung to my hip as I snapped a few photos of Quarter-pint headed in from the car. Over his shoulder,
he kept telling me "Stop taking pictures!". But it's a Mom's job to at lease snap a few...

He had a great time and was excited to go back again today. They celebrated his birthday yesterday, (it was a few weeks ago) so he was the calendar kid, and got to be the helper in other ways as well. Last night as he was settling into his "big boy bed"
he informed me he wants to have his birthday at school everyday!

On a separate note, Peewee-pint actually took an hour-long nap yesterday morning...I was elated, and credit a quiet house without noisy older brothers constantly waking him up!

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