Saturday, August 20, 2011

Peewee-pint Takes on the World...At Least His Little World...

Peewee-pint has really gotten mobile just the past week we've caught him on the stairs (nearly a half dozen times-the third time he was 3/4 the way up!), pulling himself up on anything he can (his favorite is the family room sofa, or the TV), and he's even starting to cruise along the furniture. Cousin JJ-watch out...he might be walking first!!!

Peewee-pint also LOVES to feed himself. The other night I cut some strawberries for him-he just kept eating and eating...I think he had 6 berries (each in about a dozen pieces!). By
the time he was finished, he was pink from nose to toes from the juice! Last night, I was holding him in my arms as we walked past the open strawberry container. He suddenly and expertly snatched one and shoved it in his mouth! He went on to eat 3 more (each whole, except for the hull).


Callie and Jordan said...

His world just opened up and your world just got busier!

Cassy and Taylor said...

hahaha! He is so cute!