Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home Safe...

As we prepared to pull out of the hotel parking lot this morning, we had Quarter-pint say a prayer for us. I prompted him to pray for our safety, and that's exactly what he did! "Dear Heavenly Father, bless that we drive safe. Amen." It was a sweet, simple prayer, offered sincerely by a sweet kid.

The first 9 hours were uneventful until we were about an hour from home. I was driving when all the sudden all the cars in front of us rapidly slowed down and started veering in all directions. The car directly in front of us was suddenly gone to reveal an SUV completely stopped in the middle of the interstate...with it's tire shredded and hazard lights blinking. I slammed on the breaks and tried to swerve to the left, when I caught a glimpse of the car behind me doing exactly the same thing. I hit the breaks harder and didn't swerve as far to the left as I wanted to (I was not far enough over to totally miss the rapidly approaching parked SUV), for fear of swerving directly into the path of the car behind me desperately trying to NOT hit us.

By miracles from above (I know that sounds dramatic, but it's the truth) we did NOT hit the troubled SUV; and we were NOT hit from behind. When we came to a stop literally feet from the tireless SUV, I let out the breath I was holding and silently prayed in gratitude. It was then that I remembered Quarter-pint's sweet prayer from the morning. I am truly grateful for our safely and especially for the miracles that were required for our little family to make it all the way home undamaged. I am grateful for a literal and timely answer to a child's prayer!

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Jenifer said...

So, So glad you guys are safe!!!