Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quarter-pint Loses His Tonsils (and a little more)...

Quarter-pint has been sick for months, literally he's had a cold on and off (more on than off) at least since school began in early August. Around the holidays he missed the equivalent to about 3 weeks of school (he only goes a few days a week), and about a month of church-simply because he was too sick to go, or his nose looked too nasty to send him. I finally got him in to see the ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor just after the first of the year. They took one quick look at the back of his throat and said his tonsils needed to go. The reasoning was NOT that he's been sick, but more because one tonsil was TWICE the size of the other (rather strange), and because the poor kid just wasn't sleeping very well, snoring, breathing pauses in his sleep, always tired.

So, after scheduling and rescheduling the surgery, we finally had the traditional "Good-bye Tonsil" party, complete with cake (and a candle to blow out) and presents (always a new pair of pajamas to wear for the big event, and "quiet toys" or activities that can be played with quietly since physical activity is restricted for two weeks).

Quarter-pint had strongly informed me several times prior to his surgery that he did not want to have his tonsils out. Who can blame him really? Daddy, Quarter-pint, Peewee-pint and I all got up really early on the morning of the surgery and headed out the door. Quarter-pint was brave; poor kid had no idea what was coming since whenever I tried to talk to him about it he either covered his ears or shoved his little hand-palm open-into my face.
Quarter-pint elected me to go with him into the OR to "play the space ranger game" (he was wearing new Buzz Lightyear pjs). I went back when Half-pint had his tonsils out-I think it was more traumatic for me than for him, so needless to say I was a little apprehensive to watch a second son freak out on the operating table; but I put on a brave face and escorted him to the OR. Quarter-pint was amazing with the whole thing. I knew he didn't want to do it; but he was calm and brave and cooperative (very different than Half-pint). He did a great job with the anesthesia-the best the doctor had EVER seen (at least that's what he told me).

When the operation was finished, the surgeon came and told us everything went well--and that Quarter-pint's adenoids were
"GYNORMOUS; so big I'm surprised he could breathe at all-and they were completely covered with infection."

The two hours or so of recovery went great...he came out of the anesthesia beautifully and was drinking juice, and said his pain wasn't bad...

...Then we went home and everything went downhill from there. The poor kid didn't want to swallow ANYTHING and we struggled to simply keep him hydrated. He wanted to eat and drink, then he remembered how much it hurt and refused. His diet was restricted to soft foods and/or liquids (with a few further restrictions), but that really means all the ice cream, popsicles, pudding, applesauce, yogurt, mac'n cheese you want. He didn't want any of it! On the second day home, I was adding some peaches to my oatmeal and he wanted some...so I cut them up tiny for him and gave him a spoonful. We found them still in his mouth more than two hours later when we tried to give him pain medicine. The little stinker just held them in his mouth so he wouldn't have to swallow. Needless to say, his face and neck stunk like dried saliva...we couldn't get him in the tub enough!

Quarter-pint basically didn't eat for the first week after surgery. We had two trips to urgent care for IVs to keep him hydrated just in the first few days (of course it was over the weekend!). He looked pretty sick, with glossy eyes, basically just hanging out on the couch watching movies and sleeping. By the 4th day after surgery, the surgeon called to check on him and when he heard how awful the weekend had been he wanted to admit Quarter-pint to the hospital to ensure he had adequate liquids/pain meds to get him healed and fully recovered. Daddy was pretty apprehensive about this, so we tried increasing some of the medications first. Later that night, the doctor came by the house on his way home from work to check on Quarter-pint. Thankfully, he was in good enough shape to stay out of the hospital. And the increased doses of medicines worked...

...After a full week of not eating anything, and only drinking water (not to mention losing a few pounds) Quarter-pint was starting to make it up. He ate a half-gallon of ice cream in three days-by himself, and countless helpings of mac'n cheese. He's had an entire large package of hotdogs, several helpings of cereal with LOTS of milk and two dozen bowls of oatmeal. I'm getting really tired of making mac'n cheese and oatmeal! He's basically been eating non-stop for an entire week! He even tattled on himself yesterday when he came up from the basement and exclaimed
"I eat pretzels downstairs!"
"Did you forget you're not supposed to eat pretzels?"

We go in tomorrow for the all clear, but I am happy to say he's feeling much better and the mischievous sparkle has returned to his eyes. It's going to be exciting to see how much more impish he becomes now that he can actually get his lungs full of air. I think our fun three year-old has returned (minus his tonsils, adenoids and a few pounds)!

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Callie and Jordan said...

I didn't realize his adenoids were full of infection! I am so happy the worst is over :)