Monday, August 16, 2010

Quarter-pint Goes to Preschool...

I can't believe Quarter-pint is big enough to go to preschool! Although, he's been a little turkey of late, so part of me is really excited Quarter-pint is going to preschool!

The morning was a little harried, as Mom woke up late (due to a bad night the night before) and Daddy didn't realize what time everyone needed to be ready to go. After rushing around getting the boys dressed, and dragging Half-pint away from his computer games, Daddy ran out the door with Half-pint. They were headed to the bus stop, while Quarter-pint was desperately trying to find his shoes so he could go with them. Poor little guy looked in the box of shoes (where they should have been), but couldn't find them because he'd left them in the car... and by the time I explained that to him, the car was backing out the driveway and headed down the street.

Quarter-pint was crushed that he didn't get to go take Half-pint to school (they missed the bus and Daddy had to take him all the way). It's the first day he hasn't gone. He moped around and cried a little in my lap until Daddy came home with my car, so Quarter-pint and I could head out the door ourselves.

Quarter-pint's mood improved dramatically when he found his brother's leapster in the car and played it the entire five minute drive to preschool. He insisted in bringing it in to show his teacher (I did not point out that we bought it from his teacher...didn't want to ruin his mood). By the time we arrived, he was happy and ready to race in the door and begin the day.

I was a little nervous about it because he's not 100% potty trained yet (but making huge progress), and because he's been telling me that "me no like brother's friends", of which there are several at preschool again this year.

Overall, the morning at preschool went very well, with only one potty accident and a happy Quarter-pint in the end. I know it will only get better for him. He left feeling like a big kid...ready to conquer the world.

As for me, no crying when I dropped him off. I throughly enjoyed the quiet houses and got a good amount done while the boys were off at their respective schools. Half-pint's short half-day came to an end a little before I was ready to pick him up, but it was wonderful to get a smidgen of time with just him before we picked up his little brother.

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Kathy said...

Thanks for blogging and giving us a snap shot of the day. I love the picture.