Sunday, August 22, 2010

Half-pint and Quarter-pint Have A Great Summer...

Now that we're getting into the school year routine, I should probably catch up on summer vacation posts. It's easier just to hit some of the highlights in one post rather than a bunch, so here's our summer in a nutshell!
In June we headed back to Southern California with the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents on Daddy's side. We spent a week enjoying the weather and attractions. It was a great time!

The boys were especially excited about Disneyland since they remembered it from last year. Half-pint loved the Peter Pan ride (it was closed last year, so he was thrilled to get to "fly" this year!) And this year was different than last is several ways; Half-pint was big enough to ride MOST of the rides, and Mom, expecting #3, wasn't able to ride very many. So we often split up...Half-pint and Daddy, Quarter-pint and Mom. (The doctor said that was a pretty good gauge of what I should do...if Quarter-pint could do it, so could I-minus the mini bumper cars.) There were a few rides Quarter-pint could ride that Mom could not, so I got a little breather while Daddy took both boys. The boys LOVED driving the "real cars"; with Half-pint an excellent driver while Quarter-pint (by his own admission) was not. Half-pint also enjoyed meeting the life-sized characters, and Quarter-pint was still a little scared of them.

This summer we also spent time on the boat, with Daddy water-skiing with friends, and in the mountains. The boys and Daddy took the bike and trailer out and rode DOWN a bike trail on a mountain pass. Daddy thought it was great...coasting most of the way. Mom got to ferry the car and read a book while I waited for them to come down.

We also spent some time just about everyday at the pool-mostly for swim lessons (which Quarter-pint got to take this summer) and both boys are still looking bleached and bronzed.

(Quarter-pint nose to nose with a Komodo Dragon)
Summer wouldn't be complete without trips to the zoo with cousins, aunts and Grandma. We made sure to get a least a few zoo days in.

We also filled the lazy days of summer with various day trips to local attractions (Quarter-pint even rode a horse!) and movie matinees and fun restaurants...just because. The boys new favorite is "Red, Red Robin". I think it's the endless steak fries and ranch. What boys doesn't like that?

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Kathy said...

Grandma loves endless Steak fries and ranch dressing also!