Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Boys are Ready for a Vacation....

A few weeks ago, (actually the day of the bleach incident) the boys decided to have a vacation. I think it all started after I stripped their clothes off to wash the bleach out. They made a little beach, complete with everything you need for a great vacation..

Since preschool ended last week, they've had quite the beginning to summer! It began with the preschool end-of-year carnival; complete with games, prizes, lunch, and an inflated slide (with a tunnel). The next day we went to the movies (How to Train Your Dragon) with Aunt C2 and cousin L. After the movies, we raced home to gather our swim gear and headed to the pool with some friends- complete with pizza and ice cream. The following day we spent the evening as a family at the Rockies baseball game. We had more friends over for dinner on Sunday; and Monday afternoon we spent at Grandma's house for a Memorial Day barbecue with the cousins. Whew! What a busy (and really fun) few days! Mom is tired and happy to have just 2 things written on my calendar for the next few days!

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