Friday, December 12, 2008

Half-pint Decorates the Christmas Tree...

Half-pint was really excited to help me decorate the Christmas tree this year! After Daddy and I got the tree up the basement stairs, and hauled up all the ornaments, Half-pint could barely contain himself. We worked together as a team, while Daddy tried to keep Quarter-pint out of all the tree ornaments. Half-pint did a great job. I had to laugh at all the ornaments in a line around the tree-right at his height. I didn't move them around (although it drives a little part of me crazy) because I know we only have a few precious years of this kind of help. We also tried to keep most of the ornaments out of Quarter-pint's reach (I did have to move some ornaments from the bottom-it's almost completely bare). Quarter-pint has still managed to unravel the ribbon I had wound around the tree, and I keep finding acrylic icicles all around the house. Half-pint was pleased with our efforts!

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