Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quarter-pint's First Haircut...

My little Quarter-pint was getting pretty shaggy. I could sometimes be heard calling him my "little redneck baby with a mullet." I decided to just take him in to get his hair cut. I scheduled the big event on morning while Half-pint was at preschool. I figured one little one was about all I could handle for the event. The day before the haircut, I plopped both boys in the tub and made sure I washed Quarter-pint's hair. Later that day, Quarter-pint was snacking in his highchair. He was freely eating a Handi-snack cracker sticks and processed cheese. It was the first time I gave him the entire little individual tray. I was busy doing other things, and when I came back into the kitchen I was met with a cheese head-literally. He has somehow gotten ALL the processed cheese out of the little tray and smeared it all over his hands, face, and head-on his freshly washed hair! I couldn't believe it! He doesn't like to be too messy, so he was not happy until I attempted to clean him up. I didn't have time to wash his hair again before his haircut, so I tried to rinse it out. Who knew processed cheese is such a good styling gel?
The next morning I took him to a fancy kid's salon, hoping that the fun shaped chairs (he sat in a golf cart) and the movies playing on TV all around the salon would make his first haircut fun instead of horrible. I was wrong! He cried through the entire process, and even screamed his frustration at times. It was much like his last well check- when the stylist was within arm's reach-that was TOO close. As soon as she moved farther away the crying stopped. We saved some of his blond locks and took a picture at the end (I didn't have time to scan it, sorry). With the help of Dad we took a few pictures right before bed. Here's the new do:
I think he looks like a little kid now-not so much like a baby. He was pretty mad at me when all was said and done; we had a battle getting into the car seat, and when I finally got his little body securely strapped in, he grumbled, complained, and basically let me have it for about 5 minutes!

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Casey and Brynn said...

He looks so old! Handsome!