Monday, October 13, 2008

Quarter-pint Words...

Quarter-pint is beginning to try to talk. He has a few words in his little repertoire, admittedly, the sound is basically the same, but the inflection is completely different. (That makes it difficult to write.) He is working on "Hi", "Hot", "Mom", and "More". Whenever he hears the oven indicate it has reached the baking temperature with a beep, he runs over to the oven and points with his chubby little index finger-"Haaa" (translation..."hot"). Last week I made a pie for a friend. Quarter-pint heard the oven beep, and ran over to look through the window in the oven door. I turned on the oven light so he could see what was inside.
"Mmmm, Haaa, MMmmm"
The next thing I knew, he was licking the oven door window! He also tells us when he needs more to eat with a very sincere "mooor".

I took Half-pint and Quarter-pint to the zoo last week. This was the first zoo trip I noticed Quarter-pint paying attention to some of the animals. It was fun to watch him spot the animals, point his little finger (he points a lot; I guess that's how to get your point across when you really don't have many words) and get excited. Half-pint LOVES to bird building. We were at the zoo on a chilly weekday, so it wasn't very crowded. We were the only people in the bird building. There are a couple of rooms where the birds are free to fly and walk around, with a walking path through the middle for us bi-peds. In those free-flying rooms, I caught Quarter-pint chasing the birds-I had to scoop him up before he hit the mud (off the trails). I was a little surprised with his enthusiasm. He also liked looking at the snakes in the tropical discovery building.

Quarter-pint has also been working on a few new teeth. I noticed yesterday a new one growing on the bottom-it's HALF-WAY in! I also noticed another molar working through the gums. All of this recent this tooth-growing has created quite a lot of drool.


Jenifer said...

Isn't this such a fun age!!!

Cassy and Taylor said...

I am sad to see his hair calming down a little. I was hoping it would stick straight up for awhile longer!