Thursday, May 1, 2008


I realize up to this point, Half-pint has hogged all the blogs! Quarter-pint is beginning to come into his own. When we go shopping, especially at the super-mega mart, I have found it goes much more smoothly if we are all eating as we shop. So when I can, we head straight for the deli. This last shopping excursion, Half-pint wanted macaroni and cheese (whatever keeps him happy and sitting in the basket is fine with me!) and I got the customary popcorn chicken. Quarter-pint has recently become VERY interested in whatever the rest of us eat. His diet has thus far been restricted to anything mashed or mooshed, but no wheat, dairy or protein. If it's on my plate, he wants it. This shopping trip was no different. He was very interested in getting his fat little hands on my cup of popcorn chicken. So after some lively grunting and reaching, I gave in and handed Quarter-pint the cup (with a lid) of chicken. It was amusing for me to watch him try to get the chicken. He shook and banged and babbled. Eventually he did shake some chicken into his lap, but his plan was quickly foiled by his mean, mean Mother. While I was distracted by Half-pint as we were trying on shoes for his fat little feet, Quarter-pint succeeded in freeing the chicken! I looked up just in time to see him pull his pacifier out of his mouth and stuff the entire piece of popcorn chicken in. Granted popcorn chicken is small, so is Quarter-pint's mouth! I just watched and thought "Now what kid? You don't have any teeth and you can barely close your mouth!" He just looked at me as if to say, "Now what Mom?" I fished the now slimy ball of breaded chicken out of his little mouth without a fight (to my surprise). Much to Quarter-pint's delight he has begun to eat wheat and he has cut one tooth and I think a second is on it's way since our outing a few days ago.


Jenifuz said...

wow girl! It sounds like you have your hands full!!! It's nice to finally see a current picture of your little guys!!

Amber Passey said...

Glad for the updates! I miss you and your guys being so far away...Toddlerhood is very draining on a mother's energy. I'm finding that out, too! Good luck!

Ciera said...

What adorable little boys! Ellen said that she has gotten to see you quite a bit since she's come to the Denver area. That is so fun!